Selling Your Home? Do These 4 Things Before Closing

You may think you have everything packed and ready to be moved to your new home, however, there are many small things still left to do before you head to the closing table. This will not only make your life easier when moving out, but also make the new residents happy as well. Continue reading for things you should do before flying your old nest for a new one.

Get Appliance Handbooks Together

About a week before you move, you should start gathering all appliance handbooks for the new owners of your home. This will make their lives easier as they start to acclimate to their new environment as well as keep you worry-free as you settle into your new home. This will save the new owners from having to give you a call wondering how to work the oven or the fireplace.

Gather Keys and Garage Door Openers

This may seem like a no-brainer for sellers, however, many people forget to leave behind their essential keys and garage door openers for the new owners. This is especially important if every member of the family has their own set of keys. The new owners may need the extra sets of keys for members of their family as well. Also, garage door openers are notorious for being taken by the old owners to their new home. To save yourself the hassle of having to mail them or drop them off, make sure you leave the garage door openers behind the kitchen counter.

Codes for Thermostat or Sprinklers

If you special programmed your thermostat or sprinklers with a code so that only you can change the heating or watering schedule, be sure to leave those behind so that the new owners can access the system. If they want sprinklers or heat to come on at a different time, they can easily access the system with your help.

Hire a Cleaning Company

Be sure that before you leave your home, you hire a cleaning company to come and do a deep clean. You will make the buyers of your home feel welcomed. This will save them time and energy and make you look like a rock star seller!

What other tips do have for pre-closing chores?